[ih] SIP and ENUM

John Gilmore gnu at toad.com
Mon Jul 6 21:50:27 PDT 2020

Bill Woodcock <woody at pch.net> wrote:
> > Doesn't "register" have something to do with "pay"?
> No, it has to do with being able to receive calls without sitting on a
> static IP address or depending on dynamic DNS to find you.

So why doesn't it let me *initiate* a call without needing to register
with a server in order to do something I don't want to do, *receive* a

And why does it assume that the initiator has no static IP address and
no dynamic DNS name?

It's as if the telnet command wouldn't let you connect out to a server,
without first demanding that you set up a telnet server on the machine
you are coming from.  It just makes no sense.


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