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Bill Woodcock woody at pch.net
Mon Jul 6 22:20:22 PDT 2020

> On Jul 7, 2020, at 4:03 AM, Grant Taylor via Internet-history <internet-history at elists.isoc.org> wrote:
>> No, it has to do with being able to receive calls without sitting on a static IP address or depending on dynamic DNS to find you.
> Think something more akin to...

I have no difficulty _imagining_ the lobotomized version of SIP that you’re describing.  I was answering the question posed, which was whether the reason for its existence had something to do with commercial models.  As one of the people who was there at the time, I was able to answer that it did not, at least not in the sense that the question was posed.

> It can also include...

Why are you asking these questions?  Are you proposing to actually write this?

All this is exactly analogous to asking why the postal mail system delivers to your door, rather than requiring you and the sender to be in the same post office at the same time to hand off mail.  Sure, you _could_ do that, and prior to the development of SIP it was necessary to do that, but since that’s exactly what solution that SIP contributes to the problem this is akin to asking a postal delivery person why they can’t get out of the way and let you pick up and deliver your own mail.  They could, but it would belie their purpose.


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