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I remember fondly when they used to have a routing for North America
which made their addresses look like something.NA and that then
bounced up and down UUCP over the telephone line a few times.

greetings, el

On 2016-08-31 14:50, Craig Partridge wrote:
> Hi Olivier:
> What the article hints at, but doesn’t quite say, is that TCP was
> the answer to a question, namely how to do we link packet radio
> networks (and some other types of networks) to a network like
> As I recall the story (I arrived on the scene later), Bob Kahn was
> in the process of funding Packet Radio Networks and he and Vint
> needed to solve the interconnection problem and that motivated the
> TCP paper.
> Thanks!
> Craig
> PS: Footnote — originally TCP contained both TCP and what we now call
> IP.  IP was made a standalone protocol after a hallway debate in (I
> believe) 1977.
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