[ih] Craig Partridge on the IETF and IAB from 1987-1992

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The Annals issue has four networking related papers: Craig's mentioned below, one by John Day (who is on this list -- maybe Craig is too), one by a computing historian about network experiments before ARPANET and the Lincoln-SDC experiment, and one by computing historians who have been studying the series of ARPANET maps.  

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> Sorry to talk about some actual history, but the current issue of
> Annals of the History of Computing has an article "The Restructuring
> of Internet Standards Governance: 1987-1992."  It's about the
> background leading up to the Kyoto blowup and the immediate aftermath.
> It has 116 footnotes, many referencing people we all know.
> Anyone interested in Internet history should already subscribe but if
> you and ask nicely, I can send you a copy.
> R's,
> John
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