[ih] more bounce management, was update about bogus list unsubcribe requests

Paul Vixie paul at redbarn.org
Fri Aug 26 15:55:03 PDT 2016

warning: content bears only oblique relationship to internet history.

John Levine wrote:
> Commercial mailers solved these problems long ago, and discussion list
> managers have lagged beind.  Commercial mailers send every recipient a
> separate copy of the message, usually with a unique bounce address and
> some tokens in the List-Unsubscribe or elsewhere that identify the
> recipient.  ...

"commercial mailers operating at scale didn't like the way things 
worked, so they invented their own superset of smtp and then used their 
market power to ram these changes down everybody else's throat."

> As far as I can tell, too many discussion lists are stuck in a 1996
> mindset where separate copies are "inefficient" or "bandwidth hogs"
> which is ridiculous if you consider what a tiny slice of the
> Internet's bandwith mail takes, even including all the spam.

i didn't agree with envelope-per-recipient when djb proposed it, and it 
hasn't grown on me since then. the concern is engineering excellence, 
not efficiency per se, though the envelope-per-message method has both.

not every clump of recipients has first-world bandwidth available. not 
every message is of a size that its recipients will call 'trivial'. my 
mailing list exploder can parse deliverability notices, as all should.

P Vixie

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