[ih] update about bogus list unsubcribe requests

John Levine johnl at iecc.com
Fri Aug 26 15:29:29 PDT 2016

>For what it's worth, I've used Sympa as my go-to list manager. It's just 
>a little more cumbersome to set up and administer - but a lot more 
>functional than Mailman, particularly when running multiple lists.  Also 
>FOSS, but with folks who are actually paid to maintain, update, and 
>support it (out of INRIA, I believe - basically funded to support the 
>French research community).  It had a work-around for DMARC within a few 
>days (thanks Steve!) while it took quite a bit longer for a patch to 
>show up for Mailman.

Not INRIA, Renater, which is the French national R+E network.  I
agree, it's a nice piece of software, with friendly and helpful
bilingual support.

I picked it both because I already run mysql and didn't want to
install postgresql which mailman needs, and because I have some lists
that operate in French.


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