[ih] No, really, I want to stay subscribed

Miles Fidelman mfidelman at meetinghouse.net
Tue Aug 23 21:49:49 PDT 2016

Well, just got another one, timestamped 9:12

And where the earlier ones asked me to confirm my unsubscribe request, 
this one says that it's forwarded it to the admin.

And no, I did not send the original request - the From: line must be 
forged.  But... looking at the headers, it looks like it REALLY came from:

from [unsubscribe] (unknown []) by 
smtp01.vaderetro-safeunsubscribe.com (Postfix) with SMTP id ED4591BF7CB 
for <internet-history-request at postel.org>; Wed, 24 Aug 2016 03:11:49 
+0200 (CEST)

So who the hell is vaderetro-safeunsubscribe.com, and why is it trying 
to unsubscribe people from internet-history?

Miles Fidelman

> The results of your email command are provided below. Attached is your
> original message.
> - Results:
>      Your unsubscription request has been forwarded to the list administrator for
> approval.
> - Done.
> ForwardedMessage.eml
> Subject:
> unsubscribe
> From:
> mfidelman at meetinghouse.net
> Date:
> 8/23/16, 9:11 PM
> To:
> internet-history-request at postel.org

On 8/23/16 8:43 PM, Joe Touch wrote:
> Hi, all,
> On 8/23/2016 4:15 PM, Miles Fidelman wrote:
>> On 8/23/16 6:35 PM, Alan Clegg wrote:
>>> On 8/23/16 6:13 PM, John R. Levine wrote:
>>>>> I get them as well. I've seen them on other lists too.
>>>> The usual approach is to send mail to parts of the list with tagged
>>>> addresses to see which ones trigger the unsub-bot, and narrow it down to
>>>> the guilty party.
>> Or to just save incoming messages to  -request, so one can look at the
>> headers.
> The header indicates it's coming from the mailman system. I.e., these
> aren't forged; they're unsub requests.
>>> If only there were programmers around to make this happen....
>> Not even - just a sysadmin who can update the alias for -request, to add
>> an actual mailbox.
>> Who's listmaster for ih anyway?
> I am.
> I did some digging on this issue and the suggestion is to disable user
> unsubscribe completely (i.e., requires admin OK). Since I don't track
> those mails, it may be more difficult to get off the list now, but at
> least the stream of unsubs should calm down.
> Please let me know if you see further unsub requests.
> Joe

In theory, there is no difference between theory and practice.
In practice, there is.  .... Yogi Berra

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