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On Aug 21, 2016, at 00:01, Dave Crocker <dhc2 at dcrocker.net> wrote:

After the session, a fellow in the audience (John Houlker) came up and

asked whether I'd like to meet the guy who put those pages up on the net
in 1990..

I had the great privilege of having dinner that night with John Naylor
who is quite a delightful fellow.  He'd worked for the city power folk
back then and thought it quite natural to string a metropolitan area
network around town using the power lines...

Amusingly, until I got down to your last two paragraphs I was also about to
try and introduce you to Richard Naylor :-)

I have been told that WCC bylaws and meeting minutes were also used
internally at Apple (presumably around the same time) as examples of what
government would look like in the future.

But as you hint at with the brief mention of metro Ethernet which really
nobody at the time was doing at Richard's cost-point, if you want to know
what the future looks like, check what Richard is doing. Gopher,
e-government, metro Ethernet, pervasive city-scale wifi and live internet
video distribution are just easy examples and he doesn't seem to have
slowed down at all.

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