[ih] ARPANET and Apollo 11

Jack Haverty jack at 3kitty.org
Thu Mar 12 10:09:07 PDT 2015

On 03/12/2015 08:19 AM, Guy Almes wrote:
>    My hunch is that future folks will consider the ARPAnet and say 
> "cool" and "big impact", and they'll look back on Apollo and say "very 
> cool".

The Internet has become like water and air in most people's minds -
something that's always there, critical to life but mostly invisible.  
Travelling away from Earth is once again a science fiction dream, though
history alleges that we used to do such things.

My hunch is that until off-planet travel becomes common, people may
remember Apollo and think it was very cool that we used to know how to
do such things, or maybe deny that we could.   The Internet, and
certainly the ARPANET, will fade into memory and join electricity, the
steam engine, telephone, television, and other technologies as part of
the way things are, with most people unaware of where and when they
began, and many even unable to imagine life without such things.

Do you know who invented the wheel...?

/Jack Haverty

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