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Jake Feinler feinler at earthlink.net
Sun Dec 4 17:48:57 PST 2005

Hi Phil!

How are you, and what are you doing these days?  As I recollect there 
were IFIP groups that came up with the earliest versions of the CCITT 
protocols, and they then went through the usual ISO/CCITT approval 
process.  We have the CCITT yellow books (which I think preceded the 
red books)  and I have a ton of protocol stuff that we collected at the 
NIC for DCA way back when.  I volunteer for the museum now and am in 
the process of trying to organize years of papers that were dumped 
(literally) together several times, so don't know if I can find what 
you are looking for.  I will give it a try next Weds. when I am down at 
the museum again.

If we do have the documents you want, Paula Jabloner, the museum 
Archivist would have to approve the lending procedures.  Her email is 
jabloner at computerhistory.org.


Jake Feinler
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>    1. Protocol layering (Phill Gross)
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> I am looking for some specific information on protocol layering and
> architecture, and Bob Braden suggested this list might be a good 
> source.
> 1. Does anyone have pointers to or copies of pre-1984 drafts of the OSI
> reference model (either X.200 or ISO 7498)?  I already have the 1984 
> Red book which contains X.200.
> There are references to 1978 versions of both X.200 and 7498.  But 
> I've not
> been able to find an actual copy of either. (Also, assuming a copy is
> available, do we still need to satisfy ITU/ISO distribution 
> restrictions for
> these old drafts?)

Probably not, but as I said above, Paula is the last word on these 
> 2. Can anyone provide pointers to the original/earliest standards docs 
> that
> define the telecom "3-plane" concept (User plane, Control plane, Mgmt
> plane)?
> Thanks,
> Phill Gross

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