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Thanks for the offer.  It sounds like you have an interesting volunteer job,
and very appropriate for these purposes.


I'd love to get copies of the following papers:


*     "The OSI Reference Model and other protocol architectures", Danny
Cohen and Jon Postel, IFIP 83, Paris, Sept 1983.


*     "A tutorial on Protocols", Louis Pouzin and Hubert Zimmerman,
Proceeding of the IEEE, Vol 66, No 11, Nov 1978, Special issue on computer


*     "The OSI Reference Model", John Day and Hubert Zimmerman, IEEE
Proceedings, Vol 71, No 12, Dec 1983, Special issue on Open Systems
Interconnection (OSI).


*     Zimmer, "OSI Reference Model..." from IEEE Transactions on
Communications, April 1980.  (from Craig Partridge)


The Pouzin article is said to be one of the earliest to reference the OSI
model.  Craig provided the 1980 IEEE reference.


Regarding actual standards documents, I'm looking for any copy of X.200 or
ISO 7498 prior to 1984.


I have the 1984 CCITT Red book that includes X.200.  I've seen references to
a 1978 "Gray Book" with X.200. If you have the Gray book, or if your Yellow
book has X.200 and is earlier than 1984, then we have a score.


Craig also gave the following ISO references from the 1980 IEEE article:


*     ISO/TC97/SC16 "Provisional model of open systems architecture",

      Doc N34, March 1978.


*     ISO/TC97/SC16, "Reference model of open systems interconnection,"

      Doc N227, June 1979.


Getting copies of any of the above would be a great help.


Jack H, I've already contacted Mike Padlipsky and received the figures for
his RFC 871 (1982).  His figures are an interesting half circular
representation of the three layer Arpanet model, which he adapted from an
earlier Davidson/Postel paper (see below).  I'd be interested to see if the
Cohen/Postel paper above also has a version of the half-circle diagram.  


Scott B, thanks for the pointer to G.805.  I'd already found that thread and
discovered the truth about "layer networks" and conflation. :)  If you come
across 3-plane references prior to BISDN, let me know.


Thanks to all who have provided references and insights.  And, its great to
hear from so many old friends and colleagues.  




[Diagram above from Davidson/Postel/et al, "The ARPANET Telnet Protocol: Its
Purpose, Principles, Implementation, and Impact on Host Operating System
Design", Proc Fifth Data Communications Symposium, ACM/IEEE, Snowbird, Utah,
Sept 1977.]


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