[ih] Fwd: RE: ARPANET Telnet design story

John Day day at std.com
Thu Dec 19 18:22:23 PST 2002

At 16:43 -0800 12/19/02, Dave Crocker wrote:
>Wednesday, December 18, 2002, 8:49:42 PM, you wrote:
>vinton> see cerf comments in attached .doc file
>vinton> Actually, Englebart's system had a mouse, which we were well
>vinton> acquainted with. They obviously weren't ubiquitous, and there
>vinton> weren't any instances in the initial network of trying to use a
>vinton> mouse to control a remote system, but the concept was certainly
>vinton> visible to us from the very beginning.
>I think that SRI had the Imlac-based remote DNLS station -- and, therefore,
>with a mouse -- working around early 74. I remember getting the UCLA Imlac
>to run with it.

Actually it was probably well before 74, RFC100 notes that SRI was 
porting NLS to an IMLAC.  I know we had one and had the code up and 
running but can't remember exactly what year it was.  But it 
certainly didn't take them 4 years to port it!  ;-)

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