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Wednesday, December 18, 2002, 8:49:42 PM, you wrote:
vinton> see cerf comments in attached .doc file

vinton> Actually, Englebart's system had a mouse, which we were well
vinton> acquainted with. They obviously weren't ubiquitous, and there
vinton> weren't any instances in the initial network of trying to use a
vinton> mouse to control a remote system, but the concept was certainly
vinton> visible to us from the very beginning.

I think that SRI had the Imlac-based remote DNLS station -- and, therefore,
with a mouse -- working around early 74. I remember getting the UCLA Imlac
to run with it.

Presumably neither the air traffic control graphics demo nor Susan Poh's
chinese language graphics demo, at the ICCC Arpanet coming out party used a

vinton> "Later in December, all four hosts, UCLA, SRI, University of Utah and
vinton> UCSB, were connected via another ad-hoc implementation. Steve
vinton> Crocker, one of the first network researchers" [er, notwithstanding
vinton> BBN IMP crew work for a year? Kleinrock, Roberts, Marill, ...? maybe
vinton> one of the first host-level network researchers? maybe I am trying
vinton> to slice this too finely... v],

This prompts suggesting a layered model of protocol designers...

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