[ih] Question on UCSB OLS

Bob Braden braden at ISI.EDU
Tue Jul 24 20:13:47 PDT 2001


If you don't grok the title of this message, never mind.  This is in
hopes that there is someone on this list with at least a minimal
memory of the UCSB OLS ("Culler Fried" system).

My question is this.  I am proofing an early RFC about the OLS.  It
includes the symbolism "(+)", as in the key push sequence "USER LI
(+)".  In another place, it shows "USER LI DISPLAY <+>", where <+> is
actually shown as a plus inside a circle.  Are these alternative
representations for the same button, or is "circle +" different from
"(+)"?  I could dig into other early OLS documentation and figure
this out, but it would be nice if someone knew off the bat.


Bob Braden

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