[ih] Funny how things work out

John Levine johnl at iecc.com
Tue Feb 2 18:39:36 PST 2021

In article <CAEf-zrj9tZRT=uCxbZSLGC=Z82vy1wijuV4sn_+bi83Vdu06Dw at mail.gmail.com> you write:
>say,  for the sake of an illustrative example:
>fernwood.mpk.ca.us ==> fernwood.cambridge.ma.us

Seems to have happened, although a lot of the CNAMEs are lame now.


inwap.FREMONT.ca.us.	7200	IN	CNAME	c677793-a.FRMT1.SFBA.HOME.COM.
lieb.FREMONT.ca.us.	7200	IN	CNAME	suntan.FREMONT.ca.us.
www.liebs.FREMONT.ca.us. 7200	IN	CNAME	liebs.FREMONT.ca.us.
msjhs.FREMONT.ca.us.	7200	IN	CNAME	www.msjhs.ORG.
terry.FREMONT.ca.us.	7200	IN	CNAME	vhost.NETMUG.ORG.
cindy.irv.ca.us.	900	IN	CNAME	cindy.ics.uci.EDU.
radiomail.mpk.ca.us.	900	IN	CNAME	radiomail.NET.
ftp.red-bluff.ca.us.	900	IN	CNAME	www.red-bluff.ca.us.
pop.red-bluff.ca.us.	900	IN	CNAME	www.red-bluff.ca.us.
smtp.red-bluff.ca.us.	900	IN	CNAME	www.red-bluff.ca.us.
www.abeln.fort-lauderdale.fl.us. 900 IN	CNAME	abeln.fort-lauderdale.fl.us.
ftp.gary.in.us.		900	IN	CNAME	garyinweb.datamine.NET.
gary.in.us.gary.in.us.	900	IN	CNAME	garyinweb.datamine.NET.
www.gary.in.us.		900	IN	CNAME	garyinweb.datamine.NET.
www.KIDS.us.		3600	IN	CNAME	WS-PR-www-kids-us-2136635976.us-east-1.elb.amazonaws.com.
www.energize.ks.us.	900	IN	CNAME	www.energize.lawrence.ks.us.
www.port-allen.la.us.	900	IN	CNAME	home.verio.COM.
iecc.cambridge.ma.us.	900	IN	CNAME	ivan.iecc.COM.
next.cambridge.ma.us.	900	IN	CNAME	pleasant.pleasant.cambridge.ma.us.
k1bc.lex.ma.us.		900	IN	CNAME	k1bc.lexington.ma.us.
liquid.albany.ny.us.	900	IN	CNAME	lsd.ORG.
www.briarcliff-manor.ny.us. 900	IN	CNAME	briarcliff-manor.ny.us.
www.ithaca.ny.us.	900	IN	CNAME	fallcrk.tc.cornell.edu.
ns1.appliedtheory.com.nyc.ny.us. 900 IN	CNAME	NS1.APPLIEDTHEORY.COM.
ns2.appliedtheory.com.nyc.ny.us. 900 IN	CNAME	NS2.APPLIEDTHEORY.COM.
ns3.appliedtheory.com.nyc.ny.us. 900 IN	CNAME	NS3.APPLIEDTHEORY.COM.
www.nyc.ny.us.		900	IN	CNAME	nyc.ny.us.
www.bandon.or.us.	900	IN	CNAME	bandon.or.us.
philly.flp.lib.pa.us.	900	IN	CNAME	flpsys.library.phila.gov.
barrstl.scol.pa.us.	900	IN	CNAME	dsb100.sip.psu.EDU.
www.memphis.tn.us.	900	IN	CNAME	www.memphis.NET.
www.nashville.tn.us.	900	IN	CNAME	www.nashville.NET.
pigeonforge.tn.us.	900	IN	CNAME	pigeon-forge.tn.us.
calendar.home.AUSTIN.tx.us. 432000 IN	CNAME	ghs.google.com.
docs.home.AUSTIN.tx.us.	432000	IN	CNAME	ghs.google.com.
mail.home.AUSTIN.tx.us.	432000	IN	CNAME	ghs.google.com.
sites.home.AUSTIN.tx.us. 432000	IN	CNAME	ghs.google.com.
start.home.AUSTIN.tx.us. 432000	IN	CNAME	ghs.google.com.
www.home.AUSTIN.tx.us.	432000	IN	CNAME	ghs.google.com.
WHOIS.us.		300	IN	CNAME	whois.nic.us.
www.WHOIS.us.		300	IN	CNAME	whois.nic.us.

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