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hmmm... that's Most Interesting Karl, as yours truly had a discussion with
Jon about the "Moving issue" in The Very Process of getting
fernwood.mpk.ca.us registered (as the first entry in the .us domain) was
what would happen if it moved/relocated elsewhere was that:

just as one can file a mail forwarding request with the USPS when moving an
"equivalent" would be done in the .us domain with a CNAME RR that would
point to your new .us domain location... say,  for the sake of an
illustrative example:

fernwood.mpk.ca.us ==> fernwood.cambridge.ma.us


On Tue, Feb 2, 2021 at 10:30 AM Karl Auerbach via Internet-history <
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> On 2/2/21 3:06 AM, John Lowry via Internet-history wrote:
> >> Why not Cardullos.cambridge.ma.us <http://cardullos.boston.ci.ma.us/>?
> And then there is the tale of asylum.sf.ca.us, a site run by John
> Romkey...  In the beginning it was physically a collection of computers
> and Telebit modems in his garage.
> John was living in Belmont, California - a town on the San Francisco
> Peninsula, a bit north of Palo Alto.
> Jon Postel was willing to allow Belmont to be part of the sf.ca.us domain.
> Everything worked fine until John moved back to the Cambridge,
> Massachusetts area, taking the computers and modems with him.
> He was not willing to change asylum to be in the cambridge.ma.us (or
> something like that) domain - it would have been confusing and a lot of
> work to change things.
> So there it was, asylum.sf.ca.us plop down in the center of Cambridge
> Mass.
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