[ih] Funny how things work out

Jack Haverty jack at 3kitty.org
Tue Feb 2 10:18:39 PST 2021

On 2/2/21 9:31 AM, Dave Crocker via Internet-history wrote:
> Silly, wasteful, emotional, possibly unfair.  Sure.  But meaningful
> and important? Probably not.

I agree, but, again thinking from the Users' perspective, there's still
a meaningful question:

WHY are people making decisions to spend, and continue to spend,
"millions of dollars" on something so "wasteful".  Do they not
understand the situation?   Or are they getting some kind of benefit
that we (I at least) don't see (perhaps "bragging rights" as an owner of
an "important" DNS name)?   Or do we not understand that such "waste" is
actually valuable.

This is of course just one question from the whole subject of the
Economics of the Internet - i.e., who pays for what, and why do they
decide to do so, and how has that evolved over time?


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