[ih] NCP and TCP implementations

Steve Crocker steve at shinkuro.com
Tue Jul 21 20:40:08 PDT 2020


On Tue, Jul 21, 2020 at 11:35 PM Craig Milo Rogers <rogers at isi.edu> wrote:

> On 20.07.21, Steve Crocker wrote:
> > Do you have dates for the CCBS system?  Also, where was the machine, ie
> > which building, and how was it connected to the IMP?
>         In the summer of 1970, CCBS was located in the basement of the
> Waffle
> building (Bunche Hall) while our new space was being built on top of Middle
> Franz Hall.  We had a terminal line to a TIP that summer.  By the summer of
> 1971, CCBS had moved to its custom-built home in Middle Franz Hall.  I
> think
> it was on the ARPANet by then, although for some reason it didn't appear on
> the published chart immediately.  I don't know what happened between
> summers;
> I was in high school then, and it's possible I'm off by a year.
>         I think we had a DH interface, but I can't remember with
> certainty. It
> don't think it was LH, we were too far from the IMP.  It was not VDH.
>         UCLA-CCBS had a large funding contraction about 1975.  Many of the
> staff left; some went to to USC/ISI.  BY 1978, I think, the PDP-10 and
> PDP-15
> were gone, along with the ARPANET connection, and most of the computer room
> was converted into office space for the Institute for Social Science
> Research. I migrated to USC/ISI in the summer of 1980.
>         If Reginald E. Martin is still around, he may be able to give more
> precise dating.  He's mentioned in:
> https://www.ietf.org/rfc/rfc329.html
> and other RFCs, as our technical contact.
>                                         Craig Milo Rogers

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