[ih] NCP and TCP implementations

Craig Milo Rogers rogers at isi.edu
Tue Jul 21 20:34:56 PDT 2020

On 20.07.21, Steve Crocker wrote:
> Do you have dates for the CCBS system?  Also, where was the machine, ie
> which building, and how was it connected to the IMP?

	In the summer of 1970, CCBS was located in the basement of the Waffle
building (Bunche Hall) while our new space was being built on top of Middle
Franz Hall.  We had a terminal line to a TIP that summer.  By the summer of
1971, CCBS had moved to its custom-built home in Middle Franz Hall.  I think
it was on the ARPANet by then, although for some reason it didn't appear on
the published chart immediately.  I don't know what happened between summers;
I was in high school then, and it's possible I'm off by a year.

	I think we had a DH interface, but I can't remember with certainty. It
don't think it was LH, we were too far from the IMP.  It was not VDH.

	UCLA-CCBS had a large funding contraction about 1975.  Many of the
staff left; some went to to USC/ISI.  BY 1978, I think, the PDP-10 and PDP-15
were gone, along with the ARPANET connection, and most of the computer room
was converted into office space for the Institute for Social Science
Research. I migrated to USC/ISI in the summer of 1980.

	If Reginald E. Martin is still around, he may be able to give more
precise dating.  He's mentioned in:


and other RFCs, as our technical contact.

					Craig Milo Rogers

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