[ih] Historical Tracing from Concept to Reality over 5 decades?

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> *BUSINESS TECHNOLOGY; E-mail Is Becoming A Cheap-Fax Network*
> By John Markoff
> July 21, 1993
> https://www.nytimes.com/1993/07/21/business/business-technology-e-mail-is-becoming-a-cheap-fax-network.html
> The dividing line between paper facsimile documents and electronic mail is
> vanishing.
> Thanks to the volunteer efforts of a group of computer network designers,
> the network of networks known as Internet now permits users to send an
> e-mail message to be printed out on fax machines at a growing number of
> sites around the world.

Indeed, the interested produced a commercial standards effort, with 
joint work done in the IETF and ITU, for fax over email, and the ITU for 
fax over SIP.

The first output from the IETF work was:

RFC 2305 - A Simple Mode of Facsimile Using Internet Mail; K. Toyoda, H. 
Ohno, J. Murai, D. Wing; March 1998


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