[ih] Early IoT: anyone remember The Internet Toaster and Crane? :D

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Wed Jul 8 15:12:11 PDT 2020

was reading an article on a wireless home Internet service
that referenced the Internet with respect to "plugging in" Toasters:

*Internet from a toaster*Unlike some fixed wireless services that require
professional technicians to install receivers on the outside of a
customers' building, T-Mobile's Home Internet is delivered in the mail, and
customers simply plug in the router to access service. (The router connects
to a nearby T-Mobile tower via LTE for backhaul, and broadcasts a WiFi
signal for in-home coverage.)

"The installation was as easy as plugging in a toaster," Taylor wrote. "One
nice benefit, that we've already found useful is the included 5200mAh
battery backup that's in the router. Our house lost power one night, and we
still had our home Internet, so we could continue working on our
phones/laptops. This was extremely helpful for someone like me that works
from home and needs reliable Internet."...


this recalls of/when in 1989/1990 a Toaster (as well as a crane) was
connected *TO* the Internet:


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