[ih] SIP and ENUM

Patrik Fältström paf at frobbit.se
Mon Jul 6 22:20:25 PDT 2020

In general we are bad at "client" to "client" communication. We have very few such protocols. One of the end points we call "server" and we are much better on "server" to "client" communication. This by specifying the protocol to use between the client and the server.

To enable "client" to "client" communication we inject a "server" as a broker between the two. The FTP server, the SMTP server, the SIP server (etc). The communication is then "client" to "server" to "client".

Most of the protocols that I claim have succeeded have then turned into an architecture that is "client" - "server" - "server" - "client" which enables anyone that wants to set up a server.

Unfortunately this have turned back to the silos again. You can set up your own SMTP server for mail, or SIP server for voice, or HTTP server for web, but not your own Facebook server, or Twitter server or...

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