[ih] RAND Unix Port code

Noel Chiappa jnc at mercury.lcs.mit.edu
Mon Feb 13 09:09:19 PST 2017

I'm not sure if this news has spread widely yet, but I have just recovered a
complete copy of the filesystem for the MIT-CSR Unix (the V6 Unix system at
MIT-LCS on which most of the early TCP/IP work at MIT was done). I have found
many treasures therein, including several early TCP/IP's. (More on this

I'm trying to make them all accessible through Unix source archives:


for public access. To do so, I need to make sure they are all OK to release
publicly. (Back in the day, they were not, but that was because the underlying
UNIX code was protected.)

One of them is the BBN TCP/IP done by Mike Wingfield. It uses the RAND Port
code, and I'm trying to work out who can tell me, or OK, the release of that

Alas, Steven Zucker, the person who wrote the RAND report detailing the
implementation of ports (and likely the actual author of the code) is no
longer with us. Carl Sunshine wrote the overview document, but I don't know
how to reach him - does anyone here? Does anyone else have any information
on whether or not we can make this code public? Thanks!

We do not, alas, have the source for the first BBN Unix TCP/IP - the one done
by Jack Havery as, I am under the impression, a port of Jim Mathis' TIU code.

We do, however, have the complete TIU source, and I hope to make that
available too. Same question(s) about that: does anyone know how to reach Jim,
or know anything about the releaseability of that code? (I seem to recall it
was done under contract to DARPA, and so probably was open, but not all code
written under a contract with the USG is necessarily public.)



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