[ih] internet-history Digest, Vol 105, Issue 30

Dave Crocker dhc2 at dcrocker.net
Wed Aug 31 07:17:36 PDT 2016

On 8/31/2016 6:50 AM, Craig Partridge wrote:
> As I recall the story (I arrived on the scene later), Bob Kahn was in
> the process of funding Packet Radio Networks and he and Vint needed to
> solve the
> interconnection problem and that motivated the TCP paper.

This is a variant of the broader problem statement I was used to hearing:

      Even by 1972 there already were a variety of independent networks 
around the world.  How to interconnect them, since it was unlikely that 
they would all agree to switch over to someone else's network protocols.

      TCP was developed as an overlay that would run on all of them, 
connecting them.



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