[ih] history of bounce processing, was update about bogus list unsubcribe requests

Joe Touch touch at isi.edu
Fri Aug 26 14:36:14 PDT 2016

On 8/26/2016 2:33 PM, John R. Levine wrote:
>> I can configure the system so I get a copy of the bounce messages, but I
>> get a very large number of these for too many reasons -  and many aren't
>> useful.
> Oh, of course not.  That's why modern list managers have bounce
> handlers that try and do it all automatically.  Some, such as the late
> lamented MJ2, are really good, some less so.

Even our 2002 software has this and it was already enabled on the list.
In this particular case, it didn't work (though I'm not sure I want to
try to figure out why).


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