[ih] update about bogus list unsubcribe requests

Joe Touch touch at isi.edu
Fri Aug 26 13:29:48 PDT 2016

Hi, Brian,

On 8/26/2016 1:17 PM, Brian E Carpenter wrote:
> Apparently, "Apparently-To:" SHOULD NOT be used [RFC5321]. It isn't present
> in list mail that reaches me, so it must have been added downstream for that
> particular subscriber.
> http://docstore.mik.ua/orelly/other/Sendmail_3rd/1565928393_ch25-77071.html

My only point was that "Apparently-To:" might be the only field that
helps here - or some other internal logging that indicates who the
message was supposed to be delivered to.

Absent that info, there's no way to unsubscribe members from lists


> Regards
>    Brian
> On 27/08/2016 06:05, Joe Touch wrote:
>> Hi, all,
>> The issue appears to be that one subscriber to this list was using a
>> commercial service that automates list removal. That service, Vade
>> Secure, appears to have a bug in their software. It was issuing
>> unsubscribes based on the "From:" address, rather than based on the
>> "Apparently-To:" address.
>> The email that triggers this has been removed from the list. We've also
>> alerted Vade Secure about the bug. I've tested this over the past day
>> and seen no notices.
>> A big thanks to John Levine, who helped debug the issue, and Adrien
>> Gendre at Vade Secure for helping us identify the email subscriber directly.
>> If the issue persists, please do let me know directly - I'll continue to
>> monitor unsubscribe requests to see if this pops up again.
>> Joe (list admin)
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