[ih] Any suggestions for first uses of "e-mail" or "email"?

Larry Sheldon larrysheldon at cox.net
Sat Aug 8 19:45:29 PDT 2015

On 8/8/2015 20:16, Jack Haverty wrote:
> Arrgh, you're right, slip of the fingers or neurons.  But NNTP probably
> belongs in that list of ecosystem components too.
> Haven't heard from Dave in a long time.
> /Jack
> On 08/08/2015 03:50 PM, Stephen Casner wrote:
>> On Sat, 8 Aug 2015, Jack Haverty wrote:
>>> - people who seized various needs and just did it without much debate or
>>> discussion.  Dave Mills, for example, focused in on Time, and he and his
>>> crew created NNTP, which is why your computer on The Internet today
>>> knows what time it is.
>> NTP is time
>> NNTP is network news
>> How is Father Time, by the way?  Still alive and well, I hope?

It seems like back in the day when I was first learning useful stuff 
like NTP, a would up reading a lot of Mills via news-groups.  Am I wrong?

On the "email" as tag thing--I first encountered electronic messaging in 
a place far away from the Internet life line--a commercial product 
called Sperrylink, and it seems like the IBMish folks down the hall had 
something like it--and I think we might have called it Email (with a 
proper capital), but I have no supporting documentation.

My first contact with email in a global context was via UUCP in the 
pre-Internet era--and again I think we called it email then.

My point is I wonder if there were so many implementations in Un-Inter 
networking that looking for the big bank only along the Internet 
timeline might miss it.

sed quis custodiet ipsos custodes? (Juvenal)

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