[ih] Any suggestions for first uses of "e-mail" or "email"?

Miles Fidelman mfidelman at meetinghouse.net
Sat Aug 8 00:42:57 PDT 2015

> On 08/08/2015 08:12, Jack Haverty wrote:
> ...
>> But I don't think there's much written
>> material about that battle between TCP/IP and X.25 in the ARPANET arena.


Granted that the TCP/IP cutover happened 2 years before I got to BBN, so my exposure wasn't quite firsthand -
but weren't the battles really between 1822 and X.25, and then TCP/IP vs. the ISO stack?  After all, 1822 and X.25 were both single subnet protocols, with no support for internetworking (and that IP runs over both of them, just fine).


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