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Dear All,


In one of my personal interviews to Jake Feinler, she said (excerpt from my


“Once in the 70s a newcomer network manager sent a message to all sites on
the network telling them to send him hardcopy listings of all their
software. This created an uproar on the net because it would have been very
time consuming and the results would have been useless. Mike Padlipsky, who
is an old timer and a beautiful writer, composed a perfectly "straight"
letter saying how many reams of paper it would take to list all the software
at MIT Multics, the volume of the paper, the fact that a truck would be
needed to transport the listings, where would they like it delivered, and to
whom should they charge the expenses incurred. I think that ended the
request for print-outs of software. Maybe Mike still has a copy of that
letter. It was a gem. “  




I’ve been trying for long time to find it, without any fortune. I was
wondering if anybody here can have access to it or give me a clue on where
to find it. 

I know he would be happy to share it with me
but I’m too late as I came to
know few weeks ago that sadly he passed away.





   My last picture taken from him 

   (Halloween party with Paul Mockapetris et al. @ LA)





Dr. Andreu Veà

Internet Society (ISOC-ES)

President of the Board


WiWiW.org (Who is Who in the Internet)

Founder & Director

andreu at vea.cat



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