[ih] Amount of funding from ARPA?

Larry Press lpress at csudh.edu
Mon Dec 28 09:06:07 PST 2009

On 12/28/2009 2:45 AM, Vint Cerf wrote:
> Larry,
> do you recall whether your estimate for ARPANET included annual
> operational costs?

It was a figure I took from this reference:

Reed, Sidney G., Van Atta, Richard H., and Dietchman, Seymour J., "DARPA 
Technical Accomplishments: An Historical Review of Selected DARPA 
Projects" volume 1, page 20-28 [chapter 20, page 28], Alexandria, VA: 
Institute for Defense Analyses, 1990.

My guess is that I saw it at the UCLA library -- I do not own the volume 
-- and I do not recall what it did or did not include.  Given your 
recollection, it must have been a restrictive definition of the investment.

The NSFNet figures came from different sources (see my earlier email) as 
did the SDC figure for SAGE and Morse' telegraph.  SAGE cost far more 
than any of the ARPA or NSF projects, and, as a by product, thousands of 
programmers were trained.

I was at the SDC Research Directorate working on induction (data mining) 
and we had hardware that had been developed for SAGE, but all the 
knowledge of real time systems and trained programmers must have been an 
important boost to the economy and the development of computer science 
-- the government contributes via procurement as well as research funding.


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