[ih] Amount of funding from ARPA?

Larry Press lpress at csudh.edu
Sun Dec 27 09:35:10 PST 2009

I wrote a CACM article on the Federal role in seeding networks, which 
included the following cost estimates (in $million) along with their 

Morse Telegraph                    .03         Smithsonian
SAGE                          8,000.           [7]
ARPANET                          25            [24]
CSNET                             5            [6]
NSFNET Backbone                  57.9          [8]
NSF Higher-ed connections        30            Dave Staudt, NSF
NSF International connections     6.6          Steve Goldstein, NSF


The $25m figure for ARPAnet was taken from reference [24]:

Reed, Sidney G., Van Atta, Richard H., and Dietchman, Seymour J., "DARPA 
Technical Accomplishments: An Historical Review of Selected DARPA 
Projects" volume 1, page 20-28 [chapter 20, page 28], Alexandria, VA: 
Institute for Defense Analyses, 1990.

(I don't recall how they arrived at the figure).

The most interesting to me are the Morse telegraph and SAGE, which 
trained the majority of the nation's programmers at that time.


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