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Thanks so much for the wealth of information.  There is nothing like getting
info from the source.  Have I summarized the ISO documents in the list below
correctly from your email?  Can you fill in any of the question marks?

Combined with the reference sent by Adrian Hooke, an interesting timeline

The January 1978 ANSI doc shows a 4 layer model and presumably by June 1979
N227 has arrived at the familiar 7 layer model.  

It would be interesting to see the evolution in thinking and
"reorganization" during that period that arrived at the 7 layer model.

Jake, can you add the documents below to your search?

Can anyone else add any other documents or comments to the timeline?  


*	ANSI/X3/SPARC Study Group--Distributed Systems "Reference Model"
draft 4, January 31, 1978.
*	ISO/TC97/SC16, Doc N34, March 1978 "Provisional model of open
systems architecture", Location?
*	"A tutorial on Protocols", Louis Pouzin and Hubert Zimmerman,
Proceeding of the IEEE, Vol 66, No 11, Nov 1978, Special issue on computer
*	ISO/TC97/SC16, Doc N46, Month? 1978, Title?, Washington
*	ISO/TC97/SC16, Doc N117, Oct 1978, Title?, Paris
*	ISO/TC97/SC16, Doc N227, June 1979, "Reference model of open systems
interconnection", London (Reorganization between N117 and N227)
*	Zimmer, "OSI Reference Model..." from IEEE Transactions on
Communications, April 1980.
*	"The OSI Reference Model and other protocol architectures", Danny
Cohen and Jon Postel, IFIP 83, Paris, Sept 1983. 
*	"The OSI Reference Model", John Day and Hubert Zimmerman, IEEE
Proceedings, Vol 71, No 12, Dec 1983, Special issue on Open Systems
Interconnection (OSI).

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