[ih] internet-history Digest, Vol 11, Issue 3

Jake Feinler feinler at earthlink.net
Mon Dec 5 15:45:47 PST 2005

Re: Internet around the world and ain't it fun!

I found an "Internet cafe" on the very rural, isolated Kangaroo Island 
off the coast of Australia.
And thanks to NASA and NSF the internet went to Russia, Africa, South 
America, and Antarctica in the early days.

I would also point out that the NIC bridged the gap in providing the 
protocols at cost to those who wanted to read them or implement them, 
but were not government contractors or grantees, and therefore did not 
have access to the early internet.  As I recall a set of the CCITT 
documents cost more than a thousand dollars, and the TCP/IP protocols 
cost less than $50..  Interop also had a big role in spreading the word 
and showing attendees that TCP/IP really worked and that there were 
compatible products available for sale off the shelf.

One of you guys should write the story of the "Great Protocol Wars."  
As an observer I found it fascinating.

Phil, I'll get back to you on the items you requested.



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