[ih] Protocol layering

Phill Gross pgross at pgross.net
Fri Dec 2 11:51:53 PST 2005

I am looking for some specific information on protocol layering and
architecture, and Bob Braden suggested this list might be a good source.


1. Does anyone have pointers to or copies of pre-1984 drafts of the OSI
reference model (either X.200 or ISO 7498)?  I already have the 1984 CCITT
Red book which contains X.200.


There are references to 1978 versions of both X.200 and 7498.  But I've not
been able to find an actual copy of either. (Also, assuming a copy is
available, do we still need to satisfy ITU/ISO distribution restrictions for
these old drafts?)


2. Can anyone provide pointers to the original/earliest standards docs that
define the telecom "3-plane" concept (User plane, Control plane, Mgmt



Phill Gross

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