[ih] Finding the ARPA's Request for quotation (july-august 1968)

Serge Courrier serge.courrier at pobox.com
Mon May 12 08:04:51 PDT 2003

Dear colisters, 

Trying to gather direct historical sources about Internet history, I
desperatly try to find a Fac simile of the famous "request for quotation"
sended in july or august 1968 by the Defense Supply Service - Washington to
140 potential bidders as stated by Michael Hauben [1], for example. He talk
also about the ARPA draft, III-35.

Do you know a website where I could find these two documents ? 

Best regards

Serge Courrier
Computer journalist, Paris, France

[1] http://www.dei.isep.ipp.pt/docs/arpa.html

"The Defense Supply Service - Washington (DSS-W) agreed to be a procurement
agent for ARPA. At the end of July the Request for Quotation for network
IMPs was mailed to 140 potential bidders who had expressed interest in
receiving it. Approximately 100 people from 51 companies attended a
subsequent bidders' conference. Twelve proposals were actually received by
DSS_W comprising 6.6 edge-feet of paper and presenting an awesome evaluation
task for IPT, which more normally awards contracts on a sole source basis.
Attempting to evaluate the proposals "strictly by the book", an
ARPA-appointed evaluation committee retired to Monterey, California, to
carry out their task. ARPA was pleasantly surprised that several of the
respondents believed that they could construct a network which performed as
much as a factor of five better than the delay constraint given in the
RFQ..." (ARPA draft, III-35) 

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