[ih] Origin of 'talk' command

Craig Milo Rogers rogers at ISI.EDU
Thu Dec 19 11:43:38 PST 2002

>> Does anyone know the date that the Unix "talk" command originally 
>> appeared, and on what version/platform of Unix, and also if there's an 
>> RFC on it (I've not been able to locate one)?
>I would not expect an RFC: talk is between users on a single machine. 
>RFCs tend to require inter-machine communication ;-)
>I.e., this may be Unix history, but not quite Internet history (though 
>given we don't get that much traffic, and there's some overlap in 
>expertise, it seems OK to ask).

	Could we pretend that this was a query about the origin of the
MSND command of FTP in RFC 765 (IEN 149), and generate a lively
discussion on that basis?  :-)

	I also note, whether germane or not, that RFC 1459 (Internet
Relay Chat, IRC) describes a service which is the multi-system
equivalent of "talk".  Furthermore, I encountred instant line-by-line
terminal communication between users (well, between users and the
operator) in 1968 on the time-shared operating system running on the
AN/FSQ-32 system at SDC in Santa Monica.  Hmmm.. did Multics have a talk
command before Unix?  Good questiosn for research. :-)

					Craig Milo Rogers

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