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> >> Well, actually no.  As I said Cardullos is in Cambridge.
> >
> >https://cardullos.com <https://cardullos.com/>
> >
> >Scroll down. They have two locations.
> They may now but they didn't back in the 1990s.

The South Boston Seaport location is a very recent expansion into the new
trendy area with plenty of disposable income.

(When  i last worked in Seaport in '13, that address was still in the
process of transforming from a parking lot into a multi-use block. Which is
a good thing; eating lunch are Cardullos daily would've broken my budget
:-D.  Although the real expense when i last worked in Cambride was not the
lunches but the used bookstores or tech bookstore that I had to pass to get
to the sandwich shop.)

A lot of Boston-area non-tech firms and charities grabbed their ${name}.com
or ${TLA}.org because their well-networked customers / board members told
them it was a good idea to do so ahead of the curve.
Hence  mos.org is here, mfa.org is here, cardullos.com is here. (I presume
it was similar in silly valley.)
A few MMA museums may be annoyed that Mass Muni Assoc got mma.org first.
Ya snooze, ya lose.

(Also I'll note that there's no rule against a .gov eligible entity having
a .com ; Mass Bay Transit Authority has MBTA.com which is good because of
the browser tendency to assume .com if no TLD provided.)

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