[ih] NCP and TCP implementations

Craig Milo Rogers rogers at isi.edu
Tue Jul 21 02:15:36 PDT 2020

On 20.03.10, vinton cerf via Internet-history wrote:
> Steve Kirsch asks in what languages NCP and TCP were written.
> The Stanford first TCP implementation was done in BCPL by Richard Karp.
> Another version was written for PDP-11/23 by Jim Mathis but not clear in
> what language. Tenex was probably done in C at BBN. Was 360 done in PL/1??
> Dave Clark did one for IBM PC (assembly language/??)
> Other recollections much appreciated.

	The UCLA Center for Computer-based Behavioral Studies (UCLA/CCBS) had
a PDP-10 (KA-10 running the TOPS-10 operating system) with a PDP-15 as an I/O
frontend, connected by shared memory.  The PDP-15 ran an in-house operating
system.  The NCP, part of that operating system, was written in PDP-15
assembly language, which was cross-assembled on the PDP-10.  TOPS-10
extensions, written in the PDP-10 assembly language, Macro-10, communicated
with the NCP on the PDP-15 to expose the PDP-10 as an Arpanet host; the PDP-15
was not itself listed as the host.

	At least, that's what I remember.  It's been a while.

					Craig Milo Rogers

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