[ih] Early IoT: anyone remember The Internet Toaster and Crane? :D

Guy Almes galmes at tamu.edu
Thu Jul 9 06:35:11 PDT 2020

and it was wonderful

On 7/9/20 8:20 AM, Lars Brinkhoff via Internet-history wrote:
> Jorge Amodio wrote:
>> As far as I remember there was a wired coke machine at MIT
> I think that was CMU.
> https://urldefense.com/v3/__https://www.cs.cmu.edu/*coke/history_long.txt__;fg!!KwNVnqRv!SAenpv2HnS6U8o3je9mvwQh3tqYyf7HhlVOoVKzX6UysCJS-UEyGXQOgZygNJg$

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