[ih] The story of BGP?

Adrian Chadd adrian at creative.net.au
Fri Feb 8 00:30:29 PST 2013


On 7 February 2013 15:20, Louis Mamakos <louie at transsys.com> wrote:

> Other random thought: CIDR arrived in BGP-4. I remember the transition from BGP-3 to BGP-4 and while strictly speaking not a flag-day, the coexistence of both was intended to be limited because of the difficulty in understanding how classfull and classless announcements would coexist.  I'm not sure what the successor to BGP-4 will be, but it will be called BGP-4 and be backwards compatible and incrementally deployable. :-)  Certainly BGP-4 has been around since the mid-1990's now, right?  It has withstood the onslaught of tremendous improvements since then.

The communities allowed for a lot of extension with BGPv4.

There's also the IPv6 support with BGPv4. It's worth reading up on the
evolution of that, as well as the discussions that went (and are?)
going on with relation to table sizes.

Finally, I do remember in the late 90s and early 2000s a bunch of
research into CPU and network effects of BGP, specifically:

* The behaviour of BGP with non-instantaneous route updates, causing
repetitive route additions/withdraws
* .. and the BGP dampening stuff, for both announcements and CPU churn

So a lot of BGPv4 behaviour "tweaking" went on without changing the
protocol itself.



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