[ih] CFP - 2008 Conf. of the Society for the History of Technology

Joe Touch touch at ISI.EDU
Wed Dec 12 10:07:24 PST 2007

(posted on behalf of Martina Hessler; send replies directly to her)

2008 Annual Conference of the Society for the History of Technology

Call for Papers

The Society for the History of Technology will hold its annual meeting
in Lisbon, October 11-14, to continue the celebration of the 50th
anniversary of the founding of the Society.   The theme of last year’s
conference was “SHOT at 50: Looking Back.” This year’s will be “SHOT at 50:
Looking Beyond.”  To that end, the Program Committee seeks papers or
sessions for the 2008 meeting that concern the history of technology as
it may or ought to be practiced in the future. Papers or sessions
devoted to the question of how we shall write the history of technology
in the future are particularly encouraged. To serve the purpose of
“Looking Beyond” the Committee also appreciates papers or panels
reaching out beyond SHOT's current disciplinary boundaries. The
Committee will also consider papers of high quality on any aspect of the
history of technology, broadly defined.

The Committee welcomes proposals for individual papers or sessions, as
well as works-in-progress from researchers of all stripes (including
graduate students, chaired professors, and independent scholars). It
welcomes proposals from those new to SHOT, regardless of discipline. The
committee will also consider alternative venues for presenting one’s
scholarship, such as poster sessions, short (8-minute) quick sessions,
author-meets-critics panels, discussion of pre-circulated papers, and

The deadline for submission is March 14, 2008.

Proposals for individual papers must include:

1) a one-page abstract (maximum 600 words)

2) a one-page curriculum vitae, including current postal and e-mail

Proposals for complete sessions must include:

1) a description of the session that explains how individual papers
contribute to an overall theme.

2) the names and paper titles of the presenters

3) for each presenter, a one-page summary (maximum 600 words) of the
paper’s topic, argument(s), and evidence used

4) for the commentator, chair, and each presenter: one-page c.v., with
postal and e-mail addresses

Please indicate if a proposal is sponsored by one of SHOT’s special
interest groups.

Submission Instructions

1) Materials should be sent as a single text attachment to an
e-mail message to the Program Committee Chair, Martina Hessler, at:
shot at em.uni-frankfurt.de

2)  Proposals for complete sessions as well as individual papers shall
be submitted in one file.

3)  Please adhere to the 600-word limit for each paper. Use no unusual
fonts or special formatting, and save your attachment either as a
Microsoft Word document (.doc) or as a Rich Text Format (.rtf) file.
Nearly all word processing programs, including those used on the
Macintosh, can save text in the Rich Text Format. Do not use Adobe
Acrobat (pdf).

4)  Name your attachment with your last name and the word 'proposal',
e.g. 'Smith_proposal.doc'.

5) A session organizer should also deliver a description of the overall
session. If you are organizing a session and proposing a paper in that
session, you will be delivering both an “abstract” and “proposal”, plus
your c.v.

6) If you are proposing a non-traditional session you may indicate that
in the "abstract."  These also require a curriculum vitae.

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