[ih] Query: When did the IETF change to "everyone can come"?

Noel Chiappa jnc at mercury.lcs.mit.edu
Mon Dec 4 09:31:10 PST 2006

    > From: Scott W Brim <sbrim at cisco.com>

    > As I recall

Well, your memory is clearly working better than mine (too many strange
chemicals for me, I think - many of them produced inside my own brain,
alas... :-)

    > The 6th meeting had all the NSFNET regional networks.

Yes, but note that their affiliations/etc are all for their home institutions
(various universities and supercomputing centres), so I suspect they were
just in the early organizational stages at that point. Those don't start to
show up for a few more IETF's (Marty S, at IETF 8 - alas, the 7 doesn't have
the full details in its attendee list).

    > I think you invited someone from Proteon to the 4th meeting.

Goodness, your memory is good! John Moy, say the minutes; I'd never have
remembered that in a million years!


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