[ih] Finding the ARPA's Request for quotation (july-august 1968)

Chris Edmondson-Yurkanan chris at cs.utexas.edu
Mon May 12 15:17:48 PDT 2003

Additionally, Serge, the reference to the Arpanet Completion Report Draft
(III-35) is to a draft compilation of a summary of the entire project.

I have seen both, but the copy that I have put online is not the draft,
but instead is the official completion report, and it is much shorter.

I believe that the draft was primarily written by F. Heart, A. McKenzie,
J. McQuillan, and D. Walden (all of BBN) as material that *could* be 
included in the ARPANET Completion Report.  

Whereas, the official Arpanet Completion Report approved by DARPA (the DARPA 
Program Mgr whose name is on it is: Stephen Walker) is shorter, and I haven't
compared them to see the differences.

You won't find the material from Draft III-35 anywhere in the official 
ARPANET Completion Report.

Thanks, Chris

The online copy is in pdf, and is just scanned images, this was not OCRed
and thus is not searchable.

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