[ih] Re: This history of "talk"

John Day day at std.com
Fri Dec 20 05:21:28 PST 2002

At 22:18 -0800 12/19/02, Dave Crocker wrote:
>Thursday, December 19, 2002, 5:14:46 PM, you wrote:
>  >>I have a vague recollection that the SMTP Send command, that Perry cites,
>  >>was derived from an existing function, but do not remember the details.
>Craig>         SMTP, in general, is descended from FTP.
>I misttyped. SMTP didn't come around until much later, and it was the FTP
>commands ("Send to Terminal" and "Sent to Terminal or else Mail") that I
>meant to cite.

There were two mail commands in FTP.  MAIL sent the mail on the 
Telnet connection and MLFL sent it on the FTP data transfer 


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