[ih] ConneXions online

John Kristoff jtk at depaul.edu
Mon Aug 26 17:11:39 PDT 2002

After my inquiry last year about getting at some of the Ole's
ConneXions, he and I started working on getting them into bits.  This is
work in progress and very slow I'm afraid.  You'll welcome to take a
look at the following five issues we currently have scanned.

Please note, these links are probably going to go away at some point
when we figure out a more long-term location.  Further, these first few
were tests and may be re-scanned later.  Thanks go to an undergrad
intern working with me this year named Robert Vance who did all the hard
work.  When we get better gear and more hard copies from Ole we'll be
doing more and I'll post future links here.



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