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David P. Reed dpreed at reed.com
Wed Aug 7 06:39:01 PDT 2002

At 10:52 AM 8/6/2002 -0400, Craig Partridge wrote:

>In message < at mail.reed.com.>, "David P. 
> >If the 666 problem is merely a matter of scanning a paper document, I'd be
> >happy to volunteer to put it in Google-space.   There's a whole pile of
> >interesting stuff that I still lug around from those early Internet days
> >waiting for me to sort through it in my dotage - probably much of it is
> >duplicative, but most of it was not in the RFC series.   For example, I
> >believe I did the first TCP/IP header compression, which is documented in
> >an MIT LCS RFC that apparently came into play in some intellectual property
> >discussion a few years ago.   And there is Steve Kent's design for
> >end-to-end encryption in TCP that never found its way into the official RFC
> >stream as I recall, for political reasons.  Lots of other stuff.
>What I strongly urge you to do is either donate or will these items to a
>good archive.  I know the Computer Museum welcomes this kind of stuff.
>Other archives may too.  Worth preserving the paper, as the bits have
>likely rotted away (and will again).

I certainly will get around to doing exactly this.  (I know about roads 
paved with good intentions, though).

But the fact is that like most people, I need to do the massive sorting of 
personal stuff from public stuff, and the IPR of others from that which I 
have the right to donate.   In the current economy I'm too busy trying to 
generate cash flow to feel good about spending this time.

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