[ih] One man's view of Internet history

Craig Partridge craig at aland.bbn.com
Tue Aug 6 06:50:22 PDT 2002

In message < at jay.songbird.com>, Dave Crocker 

>The problem was that it was not as far along and, of course, SNMP and CMIP 
>had far larger established bases of support.  Separate from the political 
>aspects of that disparity, it means that there was more practical 
>experience with the strengths and weakness of HEMS' competitors than with HEMS

Hi Dave:

I'd disagree slightly.  It was clear that both had far larger bases of support.

And SNMP (err, SGMP) had *far far* more operational experience.  We had
only a single implementation of HEMS at the time of the decision (and in
a host, not a router) while SGMP was already in management stations and

However, CMIP was not in better shape than HEMS (there wore more implementations
but they were incomplete toys -- the CMIP spec was still fragmentary at the


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