[ih] Re: internet-history digest, Vol 1 #45 - 11 msgs

Joe Touch touch at ISI.EDU
Mon Aug 5 17:45:46 PDT 2002

Mike Padlipsky wrote:
> At 03:47 PM 8/5/02, Bob Braden wrote:
>> A good place to start is the RFC series.
> i beg to differ.

FWIW, not all three- or four-letter acronyms referred to in these 
discussions is correctly resolved by searching the RFCs. Sure, pointing 
to "HEMS, ala the RFCs" is sufficient, but searching the RFCs first for 
anything is like relying on the first hit on Google.

Mike P. brings up a good point. By not providing this sort of mildly 
redundent context, we're shooting ourselves in the foot, history-wise.


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