[ih] Re: internet-history digest, Vol 1 #45 - 11 msgs

Bob Braden braden at ISI.EDU
Mon Aug 5 15:47:14 PDT 2002

  *> I would encourage anyone who is interested to post a brief note 
  *> explaining any item that might be of future use to this list; these will 
  *> be collected into a FAQ eventually.
  *> Newbies are encouraged to check with Google or their local bookstore in 
  *> advance of posting a question; that said, there are certainly some items 
  *> which would benefit from additional information - e.g., protocols no 
  *> longer in common use, e.g., HEMS, CMIP, or some of the meetings that 
  *> don't have notes on-line, e.g., the IAB Kobe meeting [e.g., what month, 
  *> year, etc.]
A good place to start is the RFC series.  Searching on HEMS and CMIP
will provide specs of both (however, I am not sure where the report
of the Final Shootout meeting on network management might be available --
maybe in the IETF minutes?).

I was surprised to learn (or be reminded) that the minutes of the Kobe
meeting are not online, but that does appear to be the case.  They are
sitting in my iab directory.  Since they are of some historic interest,
I will take steps to get them online.  I must first check with
everyone who was present then, to make sure they have no objection.

Bob Braden

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