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So, we have the following the collection of papers nominated below.

Let’s vote on these.  Please submit your votes by 1159pm M Jan 21.

Each member of the committee has up to 5 votes to use.

Please order your votes : 1st (5pts), 2nd (4pts), 3rd (3pts), 4th (2pts), 5th (1pt).  I should be able to handle ties if you have them.

Note that we do not have to award all of these this year. :->



(1) 1996
SKEME: A Versatile Secure Key Exchange Mechanism for Internet
Hugo Krawczyk

(2) 1999
Client Puzzles: A Cryptographic Countermeasure Against Connection
Depletion Attacks
Ari Juels and John Brainard

(3) 2000
A First Step Towards Automated Detection of Buffer Overrun Vulnerabilities
David Wagner, Jeffrey S. Foster, Eric A. Brewer, Alexander Aiken

(4) 2001
Efficient and secure source authentication for multicast
Adrian Perrig, Ran Canetti, Dawn Song, J. D. Tygar

(5) 2002
Implementing Pushback: Router-Based Defense Against DDoS Attacks
John Ioannidis, Steven M. Bellovin

(6) 2002
An Analysis of the Degradation of Anonymous Protocols
Matthew Wright, Micah Adler, Brian N. Levine, Clay Shields

(7) 2003
A Virtual Machine Introspection Based Architecture for Intrusion Detection.
Tal Garfinkel and Mendel Rosenblum.

(8) 2004
The Design and Implementation of Datagram TLS
Nagendra Modadugu and Eric Rescorla

(9) 2004
Building an Encrypted and Searchable Audit Log
Brent R. Waters, Dirk Balfanz, Glenn Durfee, D. K. Smetters

(10) 2005
Dynamic Taint Analysis for Automatic Detection, Analysis, and Signature Generation of Exploits on Commodity Software.
James Newsome and Dawn Song

(11) 2008
Corrupted DNS Resolution Paths: The Rise of a Malicious Resolution Authority
D. Dagon, N. Provos, C. Lee, W. Lee

(12) 2009
RAINBOW: A Robust and Invisible Non-Blind Watermark for Network Flows
Authors: A. Houmansadr, N. Kiyavash, N. Borisov


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